Manufacturer Recognized for Achievements Gained from Macola 10 Implementation

TESTFrost & Sullivan is honoring Solaire Medical with a Manufacturing Leadership Award for its innovative solution to fix operational inefficiencies caused by an outdated ERP system. The award, in the Enterprise Technology Leadership category, recognizes businesses the Manufacturing Leadership Council deems as visionaries shaping the future of manufacturing and whose projects deliver clear and compelling value and return on investment.

The Michigan-based manufacturer of medical storage units had been struggling with an archaic, in-house, proprietary software that wasn’t geared toward manufacturing. That system lacked visibility into the shop floor and did not provide solid inventory control or the type of reporting needed to make real-time decisions. After implementing Macola 10, Solaire Medical gained control of its inventory — cutting inventory by 20 percent — while reducing the costs of goods sold. In addition, the manufacturer gained real-time views of critical data that vastly improved executives’ decision making.

The Macola 10 implementation sparked major productivity and efficiency improvements that increased revenue tremendously. “Following our implementation of Macola 10, we experienced a dramatic growth in revenue and were able to gain real-time insight into inventory — an area that was previously a major cost driver,” said Ben Barber, Solaire Medical’s general manager.

Solaire’s Macola 10 implementation has produced multiple wins for the company — automation gains that are enhancing growth and customer satisfaction, and now a Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award.

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